Sleeping With Earrings On Bridget NYNW Theater
CATSLAUGHTER Arden Manhattan Rep
Once A Catholic Mother Peter T. Schreiber
The Dining Room Ensemble T. Schreiber
Mother Courage… Kattrin Neumann University
Nickel & Dimed Ensemble Neumann University
Goodnight Desdemona… Ensemble Neumann University
Sleeping With Earrings On Bridget dir. by Jaclyn Gramigna
CATSLAUGHTER Arden dir. by Huberto Guzman
Speed Damon & Holly Penelope dir. by Blaze Kelly Coyle
Ladies Night Sofie dir. by Corey Scott Rutledge
Tryst Amethyst dir. by Lukas Raphael
The Meat Puppet Officer Williams dir. by Joe Valenti
The Dead Cat Jessica dir. by Will Clegg
Dumped Michelle dir. by Will Clegg
Close Dale dir. by Brooks/Thomas
Shadow Brook Catalina dir. by Brooks/Thomas
A Dying Dream Neighbor dir. by Will Clegg
Estee Lauder/Breast Cancer Click 3x
Did you see me? First Generation Bauser Media Group
Vanguard: SAIC David Taicher Films
Resumes: A How To Guide Real Arts Media
Over a dozen Principle Roles
Conflicts available upon request
Improv - Magnet Theater-Level One w/ Rick Andrews; Level Two w/ Nick Kanellis
Commercials - Brooke Thomas & Mary Egan Callahan
T. Schreiber Theater One Year Conservatory
Acting Technique & Script Analysis - Peter Jensen, Bob Verlaque, Julie Garfield, Sally Dunn & Terry Schreiber
Voice Over - Jeffrey Dreisbach
Voice/Speech & Shakespeare - Page Clements
On Camera - Peter Miner